Woman – Life – Freedom

This Awareness Minute is dedicated to the recently televised news in Iran. The recent murder of a 22 year old Iranian women for not covering her hair has reignited a decades long fight for the emancipation of women. There are several of us to whom this is very personal, however if you identify as a woman or a feminist, you may find that this news inspires feelings of solidarity, anguish, and, most of all, deep admiration for the brave women in Iran willing to lay down their lives for equity and freedom in the face of government oppression.

If you feel that this is a difficult topic to relate to, please know that there are over 400 000 Persians/Iranians who call Canada their home. As such, in your future, or even current careers, you will very likely meet someone with Persian ancestry, and having a greater understanding, separate to that of the historical North American media rhetoric, can be beneficial.

This email includes a short introduction of life for Iranian women before and after the ‘revolution’ of 1978-79. Despite what many of you many think, this was not that long ago.


Shirin Neshat describes the internal and external struggles of being a Persian woman living in exile since the revolution:

Here is a short history lesson and reflection on the revolution:

And here is a review of the recent events which lead to the uprising in Iran:

Finally, below are two very simple ways how you can help right from your phone: 

      -> Be Their Voice: Use #MashsaAmini and #OpIran on any platform to raise awareness

      -> Sign the petition