Internalized Racism

This week's Awareness Minute highlights a term that many may not be familiar with yet likely have either witnessed, experienced or perpetuated unknowingly - 'Internalized Racism' - as per Karen D. Pyke, is " the internalized racial oppression by the racially subordinated". How does this develop? You may also be wondering how this … Continue reading Internalized Racism


In Canada, we are fortunate that clients encompass a diverse array of individuals that may have come from all corners of the world - folks that call this country their home and enrich it with the languages and cultures they have brought with them. This week's AWARENESS MINUTE is to honour these newcomers, their journeys and their … Continue reading Glottophobia

Scrub Cap Sale

Hello friends! DIVERSE is holding a scrub cap fundraiser with this amazing cap that portrays an important message. We received a couple of samples and they are of incredible quality with side buttons and forehead padding as well. Cost is 18$ and that includes shipping to anywhere in Canada/USA. Email for e-transfer is (transfer … Continue reading Scrub Cap Sale


Introducing this week's topic - Norouz (spelled many different ways) or often also referred to as the Persian New Year. For those of you that are new to this - Norouz celebrations span about 13 days, starting from the Wednesday prior to the Spring Equinox with a fire jumping event called 'Charshanbe Soori', the Haft-sin … Continue reading Norouz

Black History Month Ibram X. Kendi's (author of How to Be an Antiracist) reflection on his book and "The difference between being not Racist and Antiracist":