Introducing this week's topic - Norouz (spelled many different ways) or often also referred to as the Persian New Year. For those of you that are new to this - Norouz celebrations span about 13 days, starting from the Wednesday prior to the Spring Equinox with a fire jumping event called 'Charshanbe Soori', the Haft-sin … Continue reading Norouz

Black History Month Ibram X. Kendi's (author of How to Be an Antiracist) reflection on his book and "The difference between being not Racist and Antiracist":

CPVMA 2022 SYMPOSIUM Panelist Features

Asadeh (Azy) Behnam-Shabahang (she/her/hers) is of Persian descent but was born and raised in Germany and immigrated to Vancouver, Canada with her family at the age of eleven. Knowing the preconceived notions that follow long middle-eastern sounding names Azy likes to share that the literal translation of her name is 'Freedom Honorable Nightingale'. Although Azy … Continue reading CPVMA 2022 SYMPOSIUM Panelist Features

Truth and Reconciliation in Canada

Truth and Reconciliation Commission - Calls to Action: Education Center for Truth and Reconciliation - Education's Teacher's Federation - Let's Talk About Decolonization of Alberta - Indigenous Canada (FREE!)