Focus and Outcomes

(Continuously evolving)

1. We aim to lobby WCVM administration, local and federal governments to increase Indigenous Equity seats at WCVM from the current two seats to four seats to more adequately reflect population demographics.

UPDATE for 2023: WCVM has incorporated three additional seats per year for a total of five equity seats per year. This comes as each province (BC, SK, MB) will now support one equity seats to add to the two equity seats already in place

2. We aim work with WCVM administration to initiate WCVM anti-racism/discrimination training, policies and enforcement for all students, staff and faculty. 

UPDATE for 2022: Our Dean has incorporated a multi-modular anti-racism course for select department heads.

3. We aim work with WCVM administration to incorporate Indigenous Peoples culture and history, EDI and outreach into the WCVM curriculum.

UPDATE for 2022: ‘Four Seasons of Reconciliation’ is being offered as an elective for third year students. 

4. We aim to lobby WCVM administration, local and federal governments to recruit and support more Canadian veterinary students who identify as BIPOC/racialized, LGBTQ2SA+ and individuals with disabilities. 

5. We aim to work in collaboration with the veterinary provincial veterinary regulatory bodies to collect data on self-identified BIPOC/racialized and LGBTQ2SA+ veterinarians and veterinary students.

6. We hope to increase exposure and representation of BIPOC/racialized vets and veterinary students through outreach programs to elementary and highschools in marginalized communities. Representation matters!

7. We aim to provide multifaceted BIPOC/racialized and LGBTQ2SA+ pre-vet student support.