“There I Said It…The Veterinary Profession Has a Long History of Being Complacent About Racism”

By Tamara Downs, DVM: “Today’s climate has a lot of people doing their part to educate themselves and fight against a social pandemic: racism. And it has been encouraging to see. But alongside education and vague statements of support must come something else: real change in the form of antiracist policy and behavior changes to break racist culture. Now, the former can seem daunting but is something we must demand. The latter starts with you. And let’s be honest, the veterinary profession has too long been complacent about combatting racist culture.”

Read the full article here: https://drandyroark.com/there-i-said-it-the-veterinary-profession-has-a-long-history-of-being-complacent-about-racism/