Ramadan Mubarak

This month we are doing a shout out to our Muslim friends with a brief intro into a few words you may have heard but may be unfamiliar with – Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr and Halal.

In short, practicing Muslims around the world have entered a period of fasting during daylight, called Ramadan (derived from terms meaning ‘scorching heat’), which this year spans April 1-May 1. Breaking this fast on May 1 is celebrated with festivities spanning three days and is called Eid al-Fitr (‘Festival of breaking fast’). Please watch on for more information;


Many of you may also be aware or at least seen the term ‘Halal’ at grocery stores and heard of its opposite, ‘Haram’. The term Halal translates into permissible, whereas Haram means forbidden. Although the terms can apply to more than just food items, in the veterinary world, we may come across times when familiarity of Halal slaughter and preparation of meat are important. Here is a quick overview;


And finally, a little insight from Dalia Mogahed;